Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Love Letter to London

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I left my heart in Sloane Square

I've been back in New York for almost a week now and I still can't shake how much I miss London. Although my trip got off to a rocky start, it still turned out to be an absolutely amazing visit and I am already planning my return (my job should just start paying me in Virgin Atlantic miles, really).

My trip abroad began with a bang; not that I would expect anything less from my dear friend Charlotte who treated me to my first night out in the city. After a quick power nap and some coffee, we made our way to one of London's best speak easy bars called Barts. Where do I even begin!? From the keyboard player who took requests (Charlotte and I made him play everything from The Rolling Stones to Bowie and he happily obliged...and he was good!), to the fabulous cocktails, to the quirky decor, Barts was fantastic. Head bartender Vincenzo prepared drinks for us all night based on our flavor preferences, and they did not disappoint. Proper review coming soon on the Bespoke Blackbook.

After dabbling in our delicious cocktails, we decided it was time to dance and made our way to an 80's club called Maggie's (see photo and make connection) which was everything I wished it would be and MORE. 80's music + London + tables made to look like giant Rubik's cubes + my British soul sister? Now that's my idea of bliss. We were treated like queens by the ladies at KK Communications and had a phenomenal time. Again, proper review coming to the BBB very soon.

Yep, that is Margaret Thatcher's head housing a delicious drink! Party on, Wayne


I woke up the next morning (read: peeled myself out of bed) and decided I could not waste another minute without seeing the glorious Moet vending machine at Selfridge's that has been buzzed about all over the interwebs. Exhausted, yet determined, I hopped in a cab, hopeful that a little shopping and some bubbly would shake my jet lag. 

I was right.

In all her glory...

That night, I met up with another dear friend for a quiet dinner and just so happened to stumble upon this gem right in the middle of Carnaby Street. Seriously, did someone make this FOR ME?

London Calling!

But my trip wasn't all play (okay, I'm totally lying). On Friday night, I was honored to meet up with some Champagne Diet readers in Soho where we talked, laughed, and bonded over what else? Bubbly!

And last but not least, I got to meet another wonderful woman named Victoria who took my workshop last year and has since become a friend (do you see why I love this blog so much!?). Victoria was gracious enough to spend her Saturday shopping with me all over London.

Victoria gifted me with a fabulous silk scarf from her boutique, Harpers. You should check it out, she has some great pieces!

Here are a few snapshots from our trip to the Portobello Road market...

Vintage shopping on Portobello Road!
Tea time!

 We made a few pit stops as well...

I spent every other free second of my time in London exploring King's Road (my favorite area where I was lucky enough to stay this time around). I let my tourist flag fly as I snapped up a few shots that sum up just why I love London so much.

Flower market on King's Road

Little pink houses for you and me...

Starbucks on King's Road....where everybody knows your name (or you know theirs, at least)

Toot toot, yeah, beep beep

 My final night in London ended with a surprise upgrade compliments of the Sloane Square Hotel (which I highly recommend staying in if you're planning to visit). A gorgeous club room plus free mini bar? Yes please! And the Daily Mail delivered to your door first thing in the morning? Sign me up! 

Do you see why it was so hard for me to say goodbye?

 Everything about my time in London was perfect. From the goodhearted people (I feel such a connection to Brits, is it my great grandfather's blood?), to the charming neighborhoods, to the amazing ladies I got to spend time with, there's just something so indescribable about that city and I can't wait to go back.

Until then, I'll dream...



  1. Oh Cara! It was so good to spend the day with you! I loved our trip to the Portobello Road - I'm still loving my new hats :)
    I'm so glad you loved every inch of London. Meeting up with you was like seeing an old friend and was exactly what I needed! I really must plan our trip to New York so we can drink more bubbly x x x

    1. Yes! You must! I will hold you accountable to that promise ;) xx

  2. A lovely read :-) (Although I don't know why I look like I'm sleeping)!!!

    I know how you feel though. I've left my heart in Australia twice now. The heartache tells me what I know needs to happen!

    1. Lucy, the heart never lies! Go get your city! :)

  3. Cara, I swore after I spent a year in London working it would be a long time before I went back. This post has me thinking it's time.....
    Also, not sure if you follow thelondoner.me, but if you don't, you should! I have been loving reading your London and Paris posts!

    1. I love The Londoner! (that's where I first learned about the Moet vending machine!) Hope you get back to London soon! xo

  4. I am DYING to go to London & this post just pushed me over the edge! Planning starts now!! So glad you had such an incredible time! xoxoxo