Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Sparkling Holiday Gift Idea!

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The holidays are upon us and it's time to start thinking about what to give to those we love the most. I don't know about you, but struggle SO hard with this. Does my mom really want another perfume she'll never wear? Does my best friend really need a mani/pedi gift certificate? (she goes for these once a week, it's hardly unique).

Why not gift someone with a game-changer?

Let's be honest: do the women in your life really give to themselves? Do they put themselves first? Do they invest in their happiness and well-being? I can almost bet the answer is no for every single one of you who is reading this.

Why not give them the inspirational boost they need and give them the gift of coaching?

I will work with your lady of choice as her shimmery, glittery partner in crime and help her identify what she wants in her life. I'll help her identify what's not working, and get clear on what she needs to eliminate to get what she wants. I'll help her become the confident, beautiful, dazzling woman she is deep down and help her find the courage and strength to go after every single thing she wants.

Gifts Available:

{The Sparkle Sessions} - one month of private one on one coaching. Includes four 45 minute calls + a ton of other yummy goodies

{A Dose of Sparkle} - one 60 minute coaching call

Or, treat yourself of these lovely sessions! You deserve it. Okay, you more than deserve it.

Sound fabulous? I thought so too! Want to learn some more? Visit Live Create Sparkle to understand more about what I do.

If this all sounds lovely, shoot me an email at for more information and let's design the perfect holiday gift for the woman you love most.

Sparklingly yours,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

With Purpose, There is Peace

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About a year ago, I found myself with an overwhelming craving for peace. I didn't quite know what I needed, but I knew I needed to escape the rattling chatter in my brain, the anxious feeling in my bones, and the sense of overwhelm and worry that swept over me almost daily. 

I started trying all sorts of things; yoga, an even healthier diet, a brief brush with veganism, a new boxing workout, giving up wine, drinking (a lot more) wine, giving up coffee - you name it, I did it, all in an effort to calm my nerves and feel (if even for a brief moment) zen.

As someone who has battled an anxiety disorder in the past, peace didn't seem like anything that was within my reach. I had succumbed to the fact that I'd always be this anxious, slightly neurotic person that could never rest. It wasn't until I learned to truly channel that anxiety into something positive, like finding my passion and my purpose, that it all clicked.

Once I truly figured out what I was put on this planet to do, which is help others, everything changed for me. I was sort of there with this blog, and I knew I was reaching women, but for a long time, it wasn't anything more than a hobby and an outlet for me. Once I began coaching I felt closer to my purpose than I ever had before. But I was still working full-time, without a real plan. Then, when Sparkle came out, I was overwhelmed with the positive response I got from readers. I was getting even closer. But it was not until recently, when I made the decision that I could tie all of my passions together with my purpose, and make a real, solid plan to eventually transition into that world, MY world, full-time, that I finally found peace.

The past few weeks have been some of the most clear, zen, inspiring, peaceful weeks I've ever had in my life. Everything is flowing as it should be. I'm effortlessly eating better (I had a wheat grass shot this morning! Who am I??), I'm not stressing out over what the future holds, I'm reading more, I'm sleeping better. Worry isn't even on the table. I'm calm. I'm happy. I'm at peace.

When things are out of whack in our lives, there is an unbalance. An uneasy feeling. A sense that something is off, even if we don't necessarily realize it is. Your body knows. Listen to it. 

I really encourage you to look at your life right now, exactly as it stands, and think about your purpose. Are you living it? Is it a part of your every day? Or are you just going through the motions? Are you caught up living the life you think you should be living because it's easier that way? Are you truly fulfilled?

Take some time to clear the static and the noise around yourself, and really dig deep and figure out what you want. Think about the life you want to live.  And then go out there and live it. It's in nobody's hands but yours.

Friday, November 9, 2012

What Have You Done for YOU Lately?

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The holidays are coming faster than a friggin freight train and you know what comes with that territory: eating, meltdowns, more eating, more meltdowns, and yeah. All that. 

What are you doing for yourself this season? 

Giving is wonderful and it always feels better to give than to receive, that is a fact. But I will tell you this: if you aren't doing something for you, then you're going to find yourself in trouble.

Check out my video and find out about my exclusive seasonal coaching packages to help you preserve your "sparkling self" and not lose your mind over the next few months. I will work with you to ensure that you're treating your body and your mind with the gentle loving care you are giving everyone else. I will help you make changes in your life so that your happiness and well-being becomes a priority, and I will check in with you to make sure you're actually doing it (you're not getting off so easy with that one!) There's no burning out on my watch.

So if you'd like to learn more, shoot me an email. Thinking about a unique (and pretty damn cool) gift idea for the women in your life who a little boost? I offer gift certificates as well. Email me. We'll tawk.

Now get out there and enjoy the weekend, you deserve it!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

To Each Her Own: And Why I'm NEVER Giving Up Bread

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The past couple of weeks have been crazy, to say the least. In my never-ending quest for normalcy, I took myself for a post-Hurricane manicure to try and get back into the groove of things, because frankly, I have no choice. 

While me and my nails were getting buffed back into reality, the girl next to me started talking to her nail technician. At first, they were chatting about casual things, but the conversation quickly shifted gears and the girl began talking about weight loss and fitness. My ears perked up, naturally, after the girl said she had lost 40 pounds. She was in great shape, super energetic, and seemed knowledgeable about the topic. She went on to talk about her workout routines, where she boxes (I love boxing so I was all ears for that part), but then she began talking about what she eats. As it turned out, she had become a gluten-free, carb-free vegan a year prior. Whoa. Not for me, but that's a personal decision which I can respect, of course. But here was where my feathers began to get a bit ruffled. She suddenly started saying things like:

"You cannot eat cheese. Cheese is why people are fat."

"Bread? No way. That's sooo unhealthy."

"Oh my god I NEVER have sweets. That's so gross!"

"I work out every day at 5 am, then I go back at night for 2 classes, and on weekends I work out for at least 4 hours."

Now, I may not be Twiggy, but I am a wellness coach and I do know a thing or two about nutrition. It took every single ounce of my being to not turn to her and tell her just how wrong she was about every single one of her statements. There's absolutely nothing wrong with eating cheese (in moderation, of course, we're not talking blocks of manchego for dinner), and carbs are actually crucial to our mental and physical health. But that's not even what got me. It was the fact that she was imparting her views on all of us, very loudly, and in a very judgmental tone. It's one thing to talk about what works for you, and share your experience, but to basically insinuate that your approach health and fitness is better than anyone else's is well, just plain annoying.

I listened to her go on and on about all of her wonderful recipes and how she is forced to cook "gross meat" for her boyfriend because "that's what he's into" and I caught eyes with another woman in our vicinity. We both gave each other that "I get it" look and I took a deep breath. So in short? Whatever flips your taco is fine by me, but please, please don't make anyone else feel bad about their personal choices. We've all gotta do what works for us, and right now me and my bread are doing juuuust fine.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Champagne Diet Radio Presents: "Uncork Your Best Self"

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I'm SO excited to announce the launch of my new lifestyle and wellness radio show, "Uncork Your Best Self" on Champagne Diet Radio broadcasting on the Blog Talk Radio network. Join me and my co-host Dr. Fritz Galette every week as we explore life, love, and the pursuit of effervescence.

If you have show topics you'd like us to cover, please email me at

Click here to listen to the first episode

(Huge thank you to Cara Loper of Loose Lid Creative for designing yet another fabulous logo!)