Tuesday, July 31, 2012

*SNEAK PEEK* Read an Excerpt From "Sparkle!"

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 From Chapter 2: "Uncork Your Best Self"

We all have “energy vampires” in our lives. Those people who always seem to know how to zap the fun right out of us. The ones who call our phones relentlessly, until we pick up, and only talk about themselves. Unless you’re a cold-hearted snake, you probably let these people steamroll you from time to time with their mindless drama. I am guilty as charged, but I’ve put an end to it. I’ve given myself a “get out of jail free” card and realized that I cannot – and should not – try to save the world. It’s draining, and it takes away from time that you could be focusing on yourself (a much more exciting project).
And then there are the criticizers. The people in your life, be it friends, or family, even lovers, who love to pass judgment on everything you do. The ones whose phone calls you can’t ignore, and when you pick up, they are ready to jump down your throat about anything and everything. Maybe it’s the shade of lipstick you’re wearing, or the new haircut you just got, or the career choice you’ve made – whatever it is, these people have a way to rain all over your parade. And they can have a serious effect on our confidence.

So how do we ignore the negativity and let that bubbly lady out to play, regardless of the naysayers? It might seem like one of life’s most impossible tasks when you’re “in it.” When you’re in that toxic relationship – whether it be with a man, or a family member, or even a friend – who constantly tries to bring you down, it’s hard to see past the ridicule. Well, I’ll state the obvious here: the first step is to get the fuck away. Honestly, run. Easier said than done, believe me, but it’s a must. The longer you keep those people in your world, the longer you will remain controlled by their wrath. A good rule of thumb is: if someone is around who brings you down, it’s time to take out the trash. And if you can’t eliminate them completely, then seriously reevaluate how much time you give them. Life is way too short for drama and negativity.

...more to come! Stay tuned for the release of "Sparkle" on October 9th!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Looking for a Few Good Women!

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Hello dahhhlings! I can't believe we're just about 12 weeks out from the launch of Sparkle! I'm working my boobs off to bring you a really fun book, but I can't do it all on my own.

Here's where you come in! I'm looking for a few good women to be my champagne soldiers and get the word out to everyone they know about the book. This virtual "street team" will be assembled over the next few weeks, and I'm calling it The Bubbly Brigade. Want in?

Duties will be:

  • Post about the book regularly on your Facebook page and on Twitter
  • Email your friends and let them know where they can buy the book!
  • Ask your local bookstore to stock it!
  • Write a review of the book on Amazon when it's up
  • Host a book club and read & discuss Sparkle

But I'm not expecting you to join the ranks without some giving you goodies in return! Members of The Bubbly Brigade will receive an advanced signed copy of Sparkle before it's released, as well as some other "sparkling" surprises. If you're interested in helping out, please email me at TheChampagneDiet@gmail.com!

Cheers ladies!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Radio!

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It's no secret that I adore radio. Every time I finish a radio interview, or appear as a guest on a show, I can't wait to do it again. There's something so natural and fun about hitting the airwaves.

So it's only natural that I'd have my OWN show, isn't it? :) Well, maybe not completely my own, but what could be better than a joint venture with my Champagne Sisters?

Check out the video below and get the buzz on what's happening with Bubbly Talk Radio, and let me know in the comments who you'd like to see as a guest!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beauty Is What You Make It

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"Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them." ~ Marlene Dietrich

It's all about the attitude, ladies! Let's stop obsessing over our flaws and our imperfections and start celebrating what we've GOT, who's with me?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Theme of the Weekend: INDULGENCE!

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Go crazy, bitches. XOXO

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can You Have it All? The Answer is YES

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There's a point in every woman's life when the "having it all" debate starts to ring pretty loudly. It's somewhere around the time you've stepped into a job you can actually see yourself kicking ass at (or, maybe just one that's paying the bills), and the time where your uterus starts speaking to you through the eyes of really delicious babies. It rolls on throughout our thirties, and well into our forties and fifties. And it lingers, taunting us in form of op-eds, tweets, and blogs.

But I have always had one burning question: What the hell is "all" of it, anyway? 

My girlfriends and I discussed this very topic over (a lot of) red wine last night. We're all in various stages of our lives; I'm married, another is engaged, and another in a brand new relationship. We're all in our 30's and though we feel a tinge of the "do or die" pressure to start families, none of us are admittedly ready. And maybe some of us won't ever be. And who's to judge?

On Sunday, this was "my all."

Society seems to deem women who "have it all" as those who juggle careers and families. And I think that's bullshit. Who's to say that a woman who stays home with her kids doesn't have it all? Who's to say an EVP of a Fortune 500 company without children is lacking something? Having it all is a very, very personal choice and one that only WE can decide for ourselves.

If you ask me if I have it all, I'll shout YES! faster than you can finish the question. In my eyes, I have everything I could ever ask for. And maybe someday that will change, and I'll go after whatever I feel is missing. The point is, I'm in control. I'll have it all when I want, how I want, and where I want.

Let's stop buying into this notion that we have to pile our plates high with things that may feel uncomfortable or foreign to us just to prove that we're some sort of superwoman. Let's stop comparing ourselves to other women and panicking that we're not doing enough. The trick is being comfortable in your own skin; your own story. Loving what you've got because it feels right for you.

So my answer is this: you can have it all, so long as you're willing to create it. And to me, that is the most empowering notion of all. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Love Letter to My Champagne Sisters

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I am no stranger to public scrutiny. From the moment I got my first piece of press for this blog, the claws came out and people passed judgement and made snide comments, as they so often do when someone puts their work on display

The negative press was solicited by incorrect facts, suggesting that I was a writer who promoted drinking champagne as a quick way to drop pounds (which is hilarious and disturbing all at the same time). Sure, I talk all the time about champagne being a lower calorie drink, and it is, but there is so much more to my brand. But, people take things and run with them, and I am truly grateful for any and all press, because it brings attention to what I'm doing, and hopefully from that, someone can take the time to better understand it.

But clearly nobody posting cruel comments on websites where my brand may have been misrepresented took the time to visit my blog, find out what I am all about, and draw their own conclusions. Instead, they took a few sentences and ran with it, and ripped me to shreds.

On the other hand, I have received a lot of great press from thoughtful journalists who did take the time to interview me and write really great pieces that embodied exactly what The Champagne Diet and my blog, The Champagne Diaries, is all about - which is enjoying a glass of champagne, celebrating life, and lifting each other up.

But in a recent xoJane.com piece that I wrote myself, I seem to have caused the commotion with my very own words. In an attempt to bring my message to a new audience and continue to empower women, three sentences used to illustrate a point have caused a riot that would give the high school me nightmares. Pointed, nasty comments, riddled with judgement and bullying messages about my credibility as a human being, wife and writer plagued the comments section within hours of the post going up. Even after countless attempts to try to shed some light on what everyone seemed to be so hung up on, these women were just not getting it (which makes me even more convinced that some people are just on a mission).

Here's where it would be handy to have a publicist. Because she'd shut me the fuck up.

But I'll keep talking, because I stand strong in my words and I am damn proud of that essay no matter what anonymous commenters choose to read into. And this is my blog.

What did truly tug on my heartstrings was the outpouring of amazing and supportive women who loved the piece and rallied behind me to show their love. From friends, to random people on the internet, to my Champagne Diet girls, I was flooded with messages, tweets, comments and texts about how much they loved my story (and how horrified and confused they were by the wretched comments that followed).

It made me think about how lucky I am to be blessed with this network of women in my life. A true sisterhood, through and through, ready to kick virtual ass whenever needed, who wholeheartedly understand me and what I'm putting out there. The women I have met through this blog continue to surprise, inspire, delight, and crack me the hell up. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of them in real life, and some have become my dear friends through our emails, phone calls, skype dates and other forms of communication until we can all clink glasses together.

And my girlfriends who are always there for me, no matter how different our lives may be, or how far apart we may live, blow my mind constantly. Our friendships have evolved into a sisterhood that knows no limits. They are there for me without hesitation, without judgement, and I know I can depend on them for anything. Even (privately) calling strangers twats.

So from the whirlwind of negativity that has swept through my world comes a reminder of the love I'm surrounded by. To those who are a part of this crazy little sparkling paradise, thank you. Thank you for living, laughing, loving and toasting with me. You inspire me every single day.

Now let's go pour a fucking glass and continue to set this world on fire!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Time to Admit I Have an Obsession with Victoria's Secret Satin Pajamas

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They keep making new patterns! It's not my fault!

It all started innocently enough. I was searching online for leopard print pajamas (because what else would I be doing on a Friday night?), and stumbled upon Victoria's Secret satin pajama collection. With the click of a button, I ordered myself a pair, and hoped for the best. At $59.99, these weren't by any means cheap, but I had just started dating my husband at the time and I was trying to achieve the "effortlessly chic"look of a 1950's Hollywood starlet (read: someone who doesn't wear wine-stained Hello Kitty shirts with holes in them) when sleeping over his pad. 

A few days later a white UPS padded plastic envelope arrived (signature VS packaging), and my Elizabeth Taylor fantasy became a reality. That evening, I lounged in my cozy, yet glamorous pajamas, which were loose enough to allow my muffin top to breathe comfortably, yet had a feminine cut so that I still felt like a sex kitten on wheels. 

The next week, I decided to get another pair, after the leopard print set got a couple more wears then I intended (luckily they wash nicely, too!) So I ordered the pink and white striped ones. After those arrived, I figured it really couldn't hurt to get just one more pair, so that I could at least have a weekly rotation.

Fast forward to present day, and I have now developed a serious aversion to clothing. In fact, there have been weekends where I unapologetically donned my luxurious sleepwear for a full 48 hours. There is just something so fun about prancing around your apartment, wine glass in hand, in silky matching PJ sets. Sure, I may be on in the heart of Brooklyn, but it makes me feel like I'm in a chic apartment in Paris being supported by a rich man who pays me to just look pretty all day.

So why the post? I just had to publicly confess that I have spent an ungodly amount of my hard-earned dollars on fucking PAJAMAS and I really think it's a problem. But I feel good, and that's what matters, right? So what's your guilty pleasure? What do you indulge in that makes you channel your inner Marilyn?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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Happy Independence Day America! Today reminds us of how lucky we are to be FREE. Free to voice our opinions, share our stories, choose our choices, follow our passions. Be proud, be brave, and BE FREE.

Have a safe and sparkling holiday!