Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Power of No

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A few years ago, I was petrified of saying no. I was scared to say no to a friend who needed a favor, a wedding invite, a dinner date. Even if these things made me extremely uncomfortable, or I really didn't want to do something, I was more concerned with hurting someone else's feelings rather than being true to myself.

As humans, we're wired to associate the word No with negativity. We don't want to let anyone down. But if we can start to look at the word no as a feeling or an expression, and as a way to set boundaries for ourselves, we can truly unlock The Power of No.

Are you a people pleaser? Try these tips for getting comfortable with the word No:

- Focus on what you'll gain if you say no. Don't focus on the actual conversation and the act of saying no, think about what you'll gain afterward from not committing to something you're uncomfortable with.

- Use it as an opportunity to set boundaries. We all need to get a handle on what we do want in our lives, and what we don't want in our lives. Saying no to things that don't make sense for us helps us realign our vision.

- Practice. The more you get used to saying no, the easier it will become.

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  1. Often we think we'll upset people by saying no but I think we upset more people by saying yes to something then not being able to follow through.

  2. I have finally learned this lesson. Thank you for reinforcing it for me!