Thursday, March 1, 2012

Domestic DIYva

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I used to be super crafty when I was young. Bridges made entirely of popsicle sticks, dollhouse furniture made out of old pizza boxes - you name it, I made it. But as the years have gone on, I've run out of time, and I've made money, so the idea of creating things from scratch has fallen to the wayside. Now if I want something, I just run out and buy it. Who has the time!?

Until I recently learned that people actually make things out of WINE CORKS! *Ring the bells in Heaven* I can actually get artsy while I get my drink on!?

I have been collecting corks forever. It's a weird psycho habit that I have. It's not even like I collect the ones from special occasions, I just simply cannot throw them out. They are a part of me. Champagne corks have a special apothecary jar in my home too. I display them all proudly as if they are souvenirs from a small town in the South of France, as opposed to remnants of my growing alcoholic passion. But now I have a reason!

So, I want to know, what do YOU do with your wine corks? Does anyone make anything with them? Leave me a comment and let me know! This DIYva wants to get to work.


  1. I have used them to make wreaths at Christmas with a big sparkly bow! It will be fun to see what you come up with. Cheers!

  2. Personally, I love to soak my corks... I'm a huge cork soaker.