Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dom Perignon Giveaway!

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Get ready for your close up!

In a few days I will be launching the official Champagne Diaries video channel on YouTube (YouTube.com/TheChampagneDiaries). I'm so excited to bring this brand to life, but I'm not doing it alone...

That's where you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) come in! I am putting out a call to all Champagne Diaries fans to submit their own short video which will live in the fan section of the channel. And the best part is, one lucky random fan will be chosen to win a bottle of Dom Perignon!Yes, you heard it right!

So what are the parameters of the contest, you might be wondering? I'm not asking that you tap dance, or twirl a baton, or anything like that. While those talents may be fabulous and unique, that's not what this is about. I'd love to see you guys talk about what this blog means to you. How you incorporate Champagne into YOUR life, things you toast to, favorite bubbles to drink - you get the idea. Tell me how you live your most effervescent life. Get creative!

The contest will run from today, January 17th, through January 31st. I'll be uploading all the videos to the channel as they come in, and on February 1st I will pull a random winner and announce the name! I will feature the winning video in a blog that week and also post the winner to Facebook.

Here are some details:

- Videos should be between 1-3 minutes long

- Submissions should be emailed to TheChampagneDiet@gmail.com and include your name, address and contact phone number. You can either send a video file or a link to it.

- By submitting your video, you give permission for us to post it to YouTube.com/TheChampagneDiaries

- Submissions will only be accepted through 1/17/12 - 1/31/12

- Winner will be drawn at random

- Champagne will be shipped directly to winner

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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