Saturday, December 31, 2011

A *Sparkling* Holiday Wish!

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Hi from London!

I can't believe it's Christmas eve!

Another year is winding down and there is so much to be thankful for. 2011 has been amazing. The Champagne Diet has really exploded and reached the next level. We've been featured all over the globe, the book is about to take off, I've traveled overseas to meet friends and fans, and people are really starting to understand the true message of what The Champagne Diet really is. Living your most effervescent life means taking chances, not being afraid to fail, pursuing all of your dreams (no matter how silly they may seem to others) and loving life with every fiery part of your heart.

Truly embracing The Champagne Diet means allowing only the best into your body and your life. But none of that stuff happens magically. The first step is really believing you deserve it all. The first step starts with you. Forging a truly amazing relationship with yourself is the key, and once you create that, nothing can shake it. That self-love leads to love in all other areas of your life; career, passion, relationships, friendships and family.

I hope that you all know how beautiful, special and worthy you are. You all deserve a "Champagne Life" and don't let anything or anyone else tell you differently.

I want to thank all of you who continue to read the blog, tweet, Facebook and LIVE The Champagne Diet. You have all changed my life through your unwavering support and dedication. Please know how much it means to me. I am so excited to see what 2012 has in store for all of us.



Friday, December 30, 2011

French Bubbles in the UK

Pin It Now! Before heading to London a couple weeks ago, I had a laundry list of Champagne-related things I wanted to see and do. With only 5 days scheduled in one of my favorite cities in the world, I knew it would be hard to pack everything into an already jam-packed schedule.

During one of our more touristy days, my husband and I decided to knock out all the "must-see" attractions in London. We would hit the London Eye, Big Ben, the Thames River and Buckingham Palace. We set out on our journey mid-afternoon Saturday, and as soon as we got off the tube stop for The London Eye, we came across a Christmas market on our walk over. I was thrilled. I am obsessed with Christmas markets. All those gifts, food and drinks in one place makes me so happy. The Christmas lights wrapped around all the booths are an added bonus that really put me over the edge and take me into a little holiday wonderland that I never want to leave.

 Within 5 minutes of walking through the market, I see the French Bubbles booth. I think I literally jumped up and down. What a sparkling surprise! I have been following @FrenchBubbles on Twitter for a long time now; we often tweet back and forth, share links, etc. I couldn't believe I got to see them in person - and the fact that it was not on my itinerary made it so much more fun and spontaneous.

I think I actually ran over to the booth and yelled to my husband, "I'm blogging about this!!" He's so good, he whipped out the camera and started snapping photos. Luckily I am married to a professional photographer so you can thank him for these amazing shots.

If you don't know about French Bubbles, I'll give you some background info. They are a company that believes in bringing high quality, "true" French Champagnes to the UK. They select only the best growers to be a part of their line of Champagnes, and they make that line accessible to everyone. You'll only find their Champagnes at places like their Pop Up Champagne Bar in London, markets like the one we found them at, or through their website.

According to their official site, French Bubbles founders, Maud Fierobe  and Stefano Frigerio, wanted to develop a brand with a different and  interesting standpoint and believe they have come up with a unique  proposition that gives French Bubbles that ‘je ne sais quoi’!

I chatted up the intern who was running the booth, and told him I ran The Champagne Diet, but I'm pretty sure he had no clue who I was. But that was okay, I was so ecstatic to sample the different Champagnes on hand, and even more excited that I could buy a flute and walk around with it (New York really needs to get on board with that!)

My French Bubbles experience was wonderful and totally unexpected. I can't wait to go back to London and stumble upon them again. Yet another excuse to head across the pond!